Come face to face with a legend at the Casanova Museum, Venice

Adventurer, writer, spy, soldier, philosopher, poet, lover (the list goes on)… there aren’t many in history whose lives have captured the imagination to quite the same extent as Casanova.

Born in 1725, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova is one of Venice’s most legendary historical figures, infamous for his romantic conquests but also celebrated for his adventures and literary works. The place to get to know this extraordinary character is a wonderful new addition to the growing list of great Venice Museums: the Casanova Museum and Experience.

Venice Museums - CasanovaHoused near the Grand Canal in the Palazzo Papafava on Calle de la Racheta 3764, the Casanova Museum, Venice is the first museum devoted to the famous Venetian. Step inside and you’ll be immersed in 18th century Venice as Casanova would have known it. Throughout six rooms, the sights and sounds that were the backdrop of his life and times are brought to life in a fascinating mix of interactive exhibits, virtual experiences and historic objects.

The museum helps you get to know the complex man behind the legend, examining his writings alongside 18th century costumes and other exhibits that give the stories some context. You’ll find out that there was a lot more to Casanova than scandal and womanising, from his excursions throughout Europe to his work as a secret agent.

You’ll discover that despite being incarcerated in a feared Venetian prison, he mixed with other great figures of his age, including Mozart and Voltaire, as well as being a skilled mathematician and authoring dozens of books. His autobiography, published after his death, ran to twelve volumes, which gives you an indication of just how much he managed to pack into his eventful life. It’s little wonder that his life has inspired so many films, which you’ll also find out about on your visit.
Venice to Croatia FerryOpened in April 2018, 220 years after Casanova’s death in 1798, the Casanova Museum may be a recent addition to the glittering list of Venice Museums, but it’s already proving immensely popular with visitors. If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful city of Venice, it’s definitely a place you’ll want to add to your travel itinerary.
The Casanova Museum and Experience is open from 10am to 8pm everyday, so it’s easy to fit into a day of exploring the city. Find out more about how to visit this fantastic museum on your trip to Venice and how to book tickets here.

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