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Rabac, The pearl of the Kvarner bay

Rabac is a town, port and a tourist centre situated on the southeast coast of Istria, about 5 km from Labin.
Once it was a small fishing village with barely ten houses. It was in mid 19th Century that first tourist discovered this beautiful place while roaming the country, and could not resist its beaches, small coves, crystal clear sea and picturesque surroundings.

Today it is a famous seaside resort that can take up to 11.000 tourists in one day, but still holds the atmosphere of old times. It is one of the most beautiful Istrian bays and therefore often called “The pearl of the Kvarner bay”.


  • Church St. Andrew Dated from the 15th century, the oldest architectural heritage.
  • Rabac port The place where glass boats and other tourist boats for round trips settle.
  • Sculpture Park Dubrova – Open air sculpture park settled on the road for Labin and Rabac and is the unique gallery, offering an interesting festivities and exhibitions during the summer.
  • In the vicinity of Rabac are medieval towns such as Pićan, Gračišće, Paz and Boljun that are also interesting sites to visit.
  • Tears of St Lucia – a natural spring that is reputed to heal your eyes if you wash them with the water.
  • Labin – situated on the hill above Rabac at a height of 320 m above sea level. It is said that it has been founded by Celts in the 4th Century. It was originally a mining town (you can also visit the reconstructed mine shaft at Labin’s museum) but is now a popular tourist attraction with many historical monuments. Stepped streets and cobblestone alleys will lead you to a fortress from which there is a magnificent view of the coast and the island of Cres.
  • Porta Sanfior is the main town gates dating from 1589. with Labin coat of arms and the Venetian lion above. Today it houses amongst other displays a Canon from Austrian times.


Whether you are after an oasis of peace for body and soul, an active vacation lined with sport or a perfect place for a family holiday, Rabac has it all. Explore Rabac inland and find many beautiful hidden places. Take a walk from Maslinica Cove to Labin and on your way you will pass by charming little canyons and waterfalls. Boat trips will give you a chance to explore the surrounding islands of Krk, Rab and Cres.

There are many sport and entertainment facilities that offer surfing, waterskiing, paragliding, diving and tennis. More adventure ones can try canoeing down Kupa river or hand-gliding up the Učka, the highest mountain in Istria. The slopes of Mt. Učka offer possibilities for hiking, and further south, at Skitača with a magnificent view of Kvarner, besides hiking and trekking there are possibilities for other sports like free climbing, riding and mountain biking.