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Mali Losinj


No doubt you will fall in love with Losinj island at first sight.

Its clean and clear sea, secrets and beauties to be explored, hidden and lonely beaches, thick pine forests, wild but at the same time cosy corners,wild animals and plants make Losinj an unforgettable bucolic reign.

Here from your first breath you can enjoy a natural aroma-therapy and a flavour,  perfumes and color’ s symphony. The meditterranean climate is characterized by mild winters and not too much hot summers. Here you can taste a rich and wealthy meditteranean cuisine with fresh specialities from the sea and old recipes of aromatic herbs.

In Losinj there is an incredible flora variety. You can find native plants but also typical plants from Sicily and South Dalmatia.

During your walking trip you will meet lemon, orange, mandarin, palm, magnolia and mimosa trees, along with Mexican cactus; myrtle, pistachio, fig tree, date palms,  banana, eucalyptus, cedar and sequoia trees as well.

Fauna is also very various in this dream island. There are many lizard and harmless snakes, deers, mouflons, and little game, birds of prey as the hawk, the griffon (specie under protection), the goshawk and the sparrow-hawk, sheeps specially in the Northern part of the island.

Losinj is also the native land of the gecko, an endangered animal protected by law. 

Moreover there are almost 100 fish species and many types of crabs, snails, sea shells, which is a proof of the purity of the sea and its currents that pass through the island bays and inlets.

Losinj is mainly known for a group of about 120 dolphins that live in its sea and are protected by law. 

If you are looking for an active holiday there are 220 km of paths that extend over 5 little islands between wonderful sea and land opening and lead to beatiful hidden villages. For sea lovers you can enjoy with diving among the caves and rocks windsurf, sailing, water-skiing, fishing.

But not only nature. Losinj is also a rich historical, artistic and religious heritage.
In Velj Losinj (Lussingrande) there are many places worth seeing, as Church Saint Giovanni from wich you can enjoy a scenic view on Mali and Veli Losinj, the church  Saint Antonio Hermit and its Madonna with Child and the Saints, and the Saint Gregorio Relics, the Tower, the natural Park “Podjavori”, a famous climatic health center, and Rovenska,the dock.

Mali Losinj is relly worth visiting as well.  To be seen for sure the Apoxyomenos (a bronze of a Greek Athlete found in 1999 after 2000 years spent at the bottom of the sea), Saint Martin’s Church  dated1450,  Cikat, little church of the Annunciation of Holy Virgin , the Monument to Ambroz Haracic, a professor of the sea school and scholar of the climate and flora  of the island,  and the Sea School entitled to him, the Losinj Scented Garden  where you can learn more about the rich local flora and healthy properties of herbs, and many Austrian aristocratic villas. 

Losinj is all this and much more. Come and discover it!


The port of Losinj is situated in Riva Losinjskih Kapetana

For more information ou can contact Losinj Tourist Agency:
Address: Riva losinjskih kapetana 29 HR - 51550 MALI LOSINJ
Phone: +38551231884 or +38551231547
Fax: +38551233 373


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